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If the line ends with a strong fork, it is called a writer?s fork or lawyer?s fork. Forked Line: Various meanings depending on fork placement on the hand. Like Dislike . You can find its exact location from the right picture. Even if there are people who do not believe in getting information from palm in calculating age, the people who believe in this look at the ratio between the life line and heart line. Close to heart line at the end ... Forked Downward With a downward fork in the headline, the person is expected to be a good thinker with a strong ability to solve problems. The heart line would be able to provide insight into this. It is delicate planet whereas Mars is more of a warrior and fighter. This is confirmed when the marriage line is cut by another line which starts from Life line or from the middle of the palm [Fig 11]. In this particular video palmistry tutorial, Peter John explains the significance of forks in the head, heart, and life line, highlighting the areas on a detailed map of the hand. Let’s see the practical combinations of this brilliant line and its various interpretations. The line of heart originates below the index finger, travels across the palm and ends below the little finger. The secret is in your hand, palmistry and professional palmistry secrets revealed. The fork can vary in its connotation, depending on the size and shape. The attitude, in general, is inhibited with a reluctance to make decisions by themselves. 162. You might also consider it as an indicator of your heart health. He will rush up to you and smother you with a great demonstration of affection, and the next time you meet he will hardly speak to you. As Sajid says you did not tell us the heart line was forked, I posted an opinion thinking that was the only ending of the heart line. Does Your Heart Line Splits Into A Lucky Fork?-Palmistry. The article explains the meaning of V shape formation on the Jupiter mount when the heart line splits itself into two parts and its meaning. It starts from the palm edge between the thumb and forefinger, and extends across the palm in the middle part with the life line below and the heart line above. The timing on the Fate Line is shown in the Fig1. Nov 21, 2019 - The heart line helps to understand the emotional aspect of the personality. This makes for someone who has a complex emotional nature. Regards, Jeanette. → Head Line Reading Online 1)Deeply etched Sun line. An island on the fate line joint point and heart line shows impediments in career caused by one’s emotions. It lies at the top of the palm directly above the line of life and the line of heart. ... Not as easily define as the three dominant palm lines (heart line, head line, and life line), your fate line will give indications of the challenges you may experience as you pursue your life's purpose. This indicates great imagination and someone who uses his psychic powers and writing and speaking abilities throughout life. The ratio of life line to heart line can be estimated as follows: 0.36 – This ratio shows a 64 years long life. Straight Line, forked on Mount of Jupiter, strong thumb - Pure at heart and unselfish - possesses strength of character and an idealistic quality - constant in affections. It's also an indication of the overall health of the heart organ. Palmistry Lines - HEART LINE . You can learn about good and bad signs on hand, lucky signs on hand, marriage line, indications of love marriage and divorce on hand, fish sign, trident, life line, fate line, mars line, heart line, sun line, head line, children line, etc in this palmistry blog. Forked at the termination with both prongs of even length - Equal influence of two different aspirations (or talents) upon the subject; they result in the an-nulation of actual results. The head line (also wisdom line or intelligent line) is the second important line in palm reading. If this is the case, it indicates that the child received the complete love of it's mother from birth. It also is a way of finding out why things happen. People also love these ideas Palm reading can be complicated because chirognomy, the study of the mounts of the hand, sometimes contradicts chiromancy, the study of the lines of the hand. When Fate Line crosses the Head Line, it should be reckoned as 35th year of the person. A forked Line of Heart on Jupiter where one branch is seen running to a place between the first and the second fingers Fortunate - materially prosperous - gifted with a well - balanced disposition in affairs of love. The chained Heart line shows a constant uncertainty in the affections. However, we can’t place a time on the events that are going to happen. The first and the foremost line on human palm is the heart line. If Marriage Line is forked and one branch of fork meets with Heart Line then it indicates Extramarital Affair, most probably in blood relation. The Heart line is located above the Head line beginning at the palms ulnar (outer) edge; and reveals capacity to give and receive love. Three forks forming a trident on Jupiter. What does Life Line mean if seen on your hand? He or she will also be able to see both sides of a situation. From this line, it is possible to determine the quantity and quality of brain power. This line is a representation of our mentality and intelligence. This will show that the heart is a stronger factor than the head, and that sentiment will largely influence the subject. Straight Line, a weak thumb, thin pointed fingers, sloping Head Line - Tendency towards homosexuality and masturbation. It intersects the head line at the age of around 35 and intersects the heart line at the age of around 46,accordingly you can predict the timing of the sun line on your hand. Take 5 years at the base of the palm. Forked Lines are welcoming and beneficial signs when it comes to the Heart Line because it means that you have the ability to channel your Heart energies into the different areas of your Life (depending on where the Lines fork out towards: humanitarian causes, partner etc). According to Deep Research of Guruji Dr Praveen Kochar Ji as a Palmist ,Often you will find a Heart line that forks in two directions at the end. Many of us noticed and island in the beginning on our headline. ), also when joined and when these forked lines are equal to one another, especially in cases where the Line of Head is joined to the Line of Life showing the sensitive temperament, this forked mark often indicates a certain want of decision. Unlock the meaning of palmistry. Forked Fate line. When, as is very often the case, the Line of Head is forked (3-3, Plate II. This article explains the meaning of a forked heart line. A person who knows how to manage his chaos. Such subject has developed a strong emotional body. But there is another forked line coming from my heart line that finishes at the middle of the first fork. When there is a line starting from inside Venus mount and touching the Heart line in a fork or split [Fig 12], it is an indication of emotional imbalance which … Forked at the termination into a pointed trident, starting above the Line of Heart - Fame, riches, all due to personal merit. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will never miss out on the new stuff! 5. Upward People with this kind of headline have a strong ability, blessed with great talent. I have a tripled-forked Heart Line myself. When both are prominent and other planets are average (which is usually the case for beautiful passionate females) it creates fire within the female palm and this fire is directed towards love, arts and relationships. He vacillates and changes, is cowardly, uncertain and weak. At the Mount of Saturn where Fate Line … For that reason, it's best to do a reading as a whole. heart line curving to head line Pamelah on Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:20 am. At a fast look, it seems like my marriage line is forked, but is almost a trident, with only a little distance from this third, middle line (that comes from the second fork, coming from the heart line). Generally, forks indicate diversion or life change. Apr 5, 2019 - The heart line helps to understand the emotional aspect of the personality. The Heart Line symbolizes a person's emotional state, as well as their emotional and physical relationship with others. Deflection towards Heart Line The line is often seen deflecting upward in a curve which may take it close to the line of heart (103). Article by Palm Reader. ... Forked line — Generally, forks indicate a huge life change or interruption. This person enjoys debate and can see both sides of an issue. At the Heart Line, the age of the person should be taken as 55th year. Forked? The heart line is considered to have a better start when it is straight with no tassels and breaks. In this situation Breakup is possible. The subject thinks one day that he is in love and changes his mind the next. As with other palmar lines, an unchained, unbroken, deeply etched Heart line is preferable because these qualities show smooth unblocked flow of energy. Palmistry not only tells what will happen in the future. jeanette Posts: 568 Join date: 2010-07-27 Location: scotland. Just as the other two major lines (life line and heart line), the head line appears on the palms of almost every people – … One can own more than one business or a company or he may be the in charge of many works when a branch extends to the Mount of Jupiter from a fate line culminating at the Mount of Saturn. The heart line, also known as the love line, reveals information about a person’s emotional state as well as their emotional connection to others. This article explains the fork, of a forked heart line. By Sari Puhakka. The Life Line starts at the edge of the hand between where the thumb and forefinger come together and then moves downward in an arc pattern around the thumb area. (Fig-3) (Fig-4) 4. Venus is planet of love, relationships and romance. It is used to analyse romantic prospects, attraction between the opposite sexes, emotional stability and … 0.37 – … A sign of good fortune. Fate line ends at heart line. If fate line ends at heart line, then surely the income will come to an end at around 56 years age.

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