JOBS GoSub – is a new initiative of GOSUB.tv

I was inspired to set up this global platform – where subtitlers and agencies can reach out to each other directly – after the creation of GOSUB.tv

GOSUB.tv – I was teaching English for 6 years. I then went on to become the Operations Manager of an international subtitling agency. We were working with more than 30 languages daily. We also had high volume subtitling and captioning projects. I struggled to find qualified subtitlers for all the language pairs. I was in this position for 8 years. I finally decided that I wanted and needed to make a change in the industry.

From my years of experience working with producers, agencies, video-on-demand platforms, distributors, agencies, aggregators and encoding houses, I learned a mountain of information about subtitling and closed captioning.

I decided to couple this involvement with my other skill set, which is teaching. I used my know-how, affection, and savvy to create efficient and exciting audiovisual courses.

JOBS GoSub is the first global ‘work and recruit’ platform, solely dedicated to connecting professional subtitlers and captioners with the best audiovisual agencies in the world.


Kelly O’Donovan